2016 Service and Caring Finalists Bios

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Finalist Service and Caring: Linxi Mytkolli, University of Ottawa

Linxi Mytkolli is currently a BSc honours student in biopharmaceuticals at the University of Ottawa. As an actively involved student who puts herself in the position of a global citizen. She has volunteered as an overseas English teacher in China, a delegate for undergraduate medical conferences, and a member of UOSERT (University of Ottawa Student Emergency Response Team). Linxi is also the president of a student run non-profit organization, Actions for Healthcare, which holds annual conferences in Ottawa, and soon many other cities across the country. Linxi has a true passion for volunteerism, and through her involved with many organizations has developed her skills and talents as a leader. As the president of Actions for Healthcare and executive with UOSERT, Linxi founded an innovative emergency service on campus, successfully organized conferences through which the voices of numerous people and students were turned into reality as well as connected students and the general public to the leaders of healthcare, thus highlighting the prominence of medical and health related research. With her executive position with Bio-X, Linxi opened the doors to new opportunities for many students, by providing information on career paths in health and initiating networking events of extreme importance in connecting graduates to their future steps in life.  Deeply caring of those she interacts with and long fascinated with the intricacies of the human body, Linxi’s primary interest is in medical school where she hopes to one day become a pediatrician.

Linxi Mytkolli

Quote: ” I want to spend the rest of my life helping children survive, recover, and above all, always inspiring them to believe.”


Finalist Service and Caring: Eva von Jagow, Sacred Heart High School

Eva von Jagow is passionate about equality and social justice in her own country. In her own words, “It is immoral that in one of the world’s wealthiest countries, and a country that prides itself on human health and a high standard of living, there exist communities where children are going to school without having eaten the proper food to fuel them for the day”. That injustice lies at the heart of what Eva does.  When she learned about the issues of food insecurity in Nunavut while in high school, she wanted to act. She started a fundraiser called All That Glam that is now planning its 4th annual event in Ottawa. To date, that event has raised over $80,000 with corporate matching. Those funds established a hot breakfast program at Sakku School, in Coral Harbour, Nunavut. With her funds, Sakku School has implemented a program with over 90% of the students at the school using it daily.  Eva is a young woman who shows leadership by having created her own not-for-profit organization called DueNORTH and developing the mission to provide and promote access to nutritional food in Nunavut. She possesses a keen sense of cultural sensitivity and, in order to understand more about First Nations people, she is currently pursuing a minor in Indigenous Studies at McGill University.  She takes every opportunity to engage other youth in her social justice work. Nearly a hundred young people volunteer their time with the annual fundraiser.  Eva von Jagow

Quote: “To me, the concept of giving needs to be adaptive and innovative.”